September’s Fresh Start

As summer flees, the crispness in the air and the shorter days bring us back to our youth and memories of the start of the school year.  I fondly remember heading to Woolworth’s with my school list to choose the coveted new brightly-colored notebooks, #2 pencils and the latest designs in paper book covers. September still represents for me a fresh start, a new beginning, and clean slate even though my school days are behind me; my kids are college age and beyond; and my computer, not the mighty notebook, rules the day.

Rested and relaxed after summer vacations, this is a natural refreshing point for all of us.  What one change would make a difference for you?  What new subject areas might you learn? What new habits should we form?  Have we let anything important slip? What hasn’t gotten started professionally or personally that needs attention? As 4th quarter approaches, most corporations, begin assessing what annual business or career development goals have been achieved and what still needs to get done. It’s a sound practice.

This is an ideal time to carve out a little time to consider where you would do well to invest some new energy.   Assess what technical expertise, competencies or soft skills you might need to further develop to increase your effectiveness at work. There are lots of opportunities to enhance your “tool kit” through professional association programs, a class online or at a local university or through reading (some recommendations are listed in my website’s section On Our Bookshelves).

Do you also hear the “back to school” call?  I urge you to find a spot in your schedule today to brainstorm one new goal and what you will undertake to get there.  Mine was starting this blog, something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  You’ll be surprised by how inspiring just a few quiet minutes with a new notebook can be.

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